NSF Reporting

You will be required to fill the following form every semester you are an S-STEM participant.


Add to your email contact list: S-STEM Adan Delval <adande@nmsu.edu>

Add the following number to your phone contacts: S-STEM Adan Delval 575-646-4451


All fields are required.  You may be contacted by Program Manager, Adan Delval with follow-up questions as needed.

NSF Semester Report

  • The year you were accepted into the S-STEM scholarship program.
  • Semester you were first accepted into S-STEM Scholarship
  • Less than 50 words
  • Select "Yes" if any of the following apply: *Deaf or serious difficulty hearing *Blind or serious difficulty seeing even when wearing glasses *Serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs *Other serious disability related to a physical, mental, or emotional condition
    Based on the remaining hours to complete degree.
    During the current semester, did you participate in an internship related to your degree or any other STEM field.
  • Were you employed (work-study, student employment, outside campus employment)
    Activities you participated in as part of the S-STEM Program, referred to by S-STEM Staff, or as a result of S-STEM.